Another aspect for selling phone cases is to get your brand recognized by buyers. Buyers always prefer phone cases from renowned brand to ones with no branding. Thus, printing your brand logo, business taglines and other brand-specific information on phone case packaging box allow you to make your phone case brand known to wider phone-using audience. With Care Pack, you are free to get  business logo, name, brand ethos as well as brands'supporting messages from celebrities printed or embossed on the splendid custom phone case packaging boxes with us. Explore massive array of coating and finishing possibilities available here to inject added charm to printed brand-specific logo, business name and ethos on phone case boxes. Some of the coating and finishing options include:



*Spot UV

*Hot Stamping

*Gold Foiling

*Silver Foiling

*Metalized Finishing

  Not just printing and coating, you can mix and match your required brand specific elements with your favorite coating options to create charming phone case boxes. Whether you want to print your logo on boxes, add brand taglines or corporate information and whatever coating or finishing you want to add, Care Pack can print your desired business specific elements on phone case boxes. 

  Other than technical information and brand details, another way to convince buyers is by giving a glance at visual aesthetics of phone case to persuade into purchase. Add a die cut window to phone case packaging to offer sneak peek at marvelous design, catchy colors and captivating patterns of phone cases.Enjoy complete freedom with us to get any case's shape specific PVC window added to custom phone case packaging boxes for clear-view of inside packed case. If your phone case has specific shape, get a window die cut in your case-like shape on phone case packaging boxes at wholesale prices and no MOQ limitation. Whatever shape you specify for die cutting, we can die cut window in your desired phone cover specific shape and dimensions on phone case packaging using computer-controlled die cutting equipment and innovative approaches.

  Any Shape, Size, Style & Material for Your Custom Phone Case Boxes

  Another way to distinguish your phone case from rest and adding protection is through case-specific sizes, shapes and materials. With Care Pack, you are free to get in any required size for your boxes and choose from various shape and material choices that fit your custom phone case boxes'distinction and protection needs. Choose freely from our shape options like rectangular and square to create distinctive phone case boxes in your cover-specific shape. Opt between sturdy cardboard and eco-friendly Kraft material to make phone case boxes as sturdy as your phone cover demands. 

  If you want to make your phone case packaging easy to grab and convenient to extract by customers. Just get a hang tab added to phone case boxes to exhibit the cases on point of sales like cash counters and check out points. Choose between round hole, delta style, euro style or j-hook and get ready to fulfill your phone case box hanging needs. Whichever hang tab style you require for phone case boxes, we utilize latest equipment and precision die-cutting techniques to die cut your phone case boxes in required hang tab style without any budget constraints.

  Enjoy Phone Case Box Packaging Samples– Physical or 3D, We Provide Both!

  Your desired phone case packaging design is created. Now it's time to see the personalized phone case boxes one-on-one. Alternatively, ask for a physical sample to be sent to you. Test and assess every aspect like size, visual design and structural layout in your hands for maximum satisfaction.

  Contact us quickly to make the phone case packaging bag you most want!!!

Disclaimer: The intellectual property shown on the listed products belong to third parties. These products are only offered as examples of our production capabilities, and are not for sales.

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