Kraft Paper Pouch


  Kraft paper pouches bags are flexible packaging bags made of kraft paper and barrier laminate layers. The barrier laminate inner can free from oxygen, moisture and grease, extend shelf life. So, kraft paper pouches are good for packaging storage and transport. With the moisture-block properties, these are perfect for products ranging from edibles to medicine. Such as coffee, snack, nuts and pet food, etc.

  One way successful brands are advertising new healthy food options is through their product packaging. Kraft paper bag exterior communicates a sense of sustainability, which could lead customers to assume the products inside are made from original materials. Besides, the sturdy expandable bottom gusset allows your products to stand out on store shelves. Therefore, kraft paper bags are the first choice for retailers.

  Looking for high-quality, kraft paper food bags? Care Pack is an excellent choice for brands looking for quality kraft paper packaging that protect, preserve, and extends the product’s shelf life. Care Pack offer various styles kraft paper pouches. Such as clear PET window, standup gusset base, waterproof zipper, clear window, dull window, oval window, quality zipper lock closure, wide stand bottom base, easy tear notch, no window style, side gusset, quality wide zipper lock, flat rectangle bottom base, zipper pouch with a hang tab, waterproof bag outer surface, and various colors. 

  Our natural kraft pouches have an artisan, handmade appeal that customers are drawn to.The bags are foil-lined with a laminated food-grade interior and a natural kraft exterior.Natural kraft paper bags,provide the highest oxygen, moisture, and UV barrier protection.

  Care Pack offers kraft paper pouches that are the packaging choice for brands looking to transition out of traditional rigid packaging such as bottles, jars, and tins.Care Pack kraft paper stand up pouches promotes your brand as having a natural, artisan, and handmade appear.

  As a professional kraft paper bags manufacturer,  Please feel free to contact us to custom your unique kraft paper bags.

 Disclaimer: The intellectual property shown on the listed products belong to third parties. These products are only offered as examples of our production capabilities, and are not for sales.

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